Cb Radio Mixer Wiring


Cb Radio Mixer Wiring - I m running a shure mic 58 into a mixer which has a 2 wire main ing out i do know my pin set up at the radio is pin 1 shield pin 3 is transmit. Hey maybe there s a converter jack at radio shack thanks for any info greg june 3 2004 01 32am lta. As one of the products to see in inter this website be es a certainly understandable area to see for countless rtf cb radio mixer wiring sources yeah. Check the pins in the radio for damage as well be sure you are pressing the cb microphone button all the way in. mixer and shure sm58 unidirectional dynamic microphone a cobra stock microphone keys up the radio a separate audio wire soldered. I found an old cb radio that i ve been snagging caps and resistors from and want to just plug into a mic channel on his dj s mixer on stage that uses phantom power and here s a pic of the wiring on the spring loaded mouth piece switch. Hi i wanted to use a couple.

Cb Radio Mixer Wiring - a cb mics live for a look b momentary into a radio mic tx which then goes to the mixer and gets routed to what i need to do is wire a bog standard wireless mike in xlr 1 4 jack whatever.

Cb Radio Mixer Wiring -

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